Adventures in Isolation

Everything we do in the real world can be recreated at home with some creativity. I’m sure my husband would have no problem with this being time for a month long video game binge . But poor guy lives with his child at heart wife . This is the time to let out your inner child. I remember making movie tickets to movie theaters as a child, pretending I was here or there . Tap in to that imagination, tap in to that joy and bring joy back to your home Follow our adventures over the next few weeks and drop a comment for new ideas too.

1. Adventure of Nerf Wars. While everyone else saw this coming and bought 3000 rolls of toilet paper I quickly got online and bought some Nerf guns. The joy started the minute the packages came . My husband and I both grabbed a box and started unwrapping fast. Then noticed how fast we both were opening the package we knew what was about to happen I loaded my Nerf gun first but didn’t know how to shoot it so I ran into the bathroom and locked the door till I figured it out. When I did he was waiting and ready. Our first Nerf war brought so much joy we ran around the house laughing , hiding , and just playing.

Adventure 2 Formal Dining . I notified my husband yesterday we had a reservation at a fancy dining establishment called “The Dining Room” I told him to dress nice and prepare for a date . I decorated the dining room slightly different and lit some candles . Got all done up in my nicest dress and prepped as if it was a beautiful new place in town . We had a lovely dinner that felt so romantic . ❤️

Adventure 3 Movie Night ! My husband and I rented a brand new movie . I rearranged the living room a bit and added a red sheet to the windows. I love slightly changing rooms when we date. We are stuck in the place but the more it can feel different the better!

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